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Wine Selection

Where Fine Wine is Grown on the Vine! 

Broad Run wines are made from estate grown grapes. Our fruit wines are made from 100% Kentucky-grown fruit.

The Wines …

Dry Red Wines
2006 Malbec – Aged in stainless steel tanks to highlight the fruit. NEW RELEASE!  $15

1999 Cabernet Sauvignon – Aged in stainless. Vintage year. Lush fruit. NEW RELEASE!  $22

1999 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve – Vintage year aged in Kentucky and Minnesota oaks. Rich and complex.  $25

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon – Medium bodied and fruity. Aged in stainless steel. NEW RELEASE!  $17

2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve – Classic cabernet aged in Kentucky and Minnesota oaks.  $20

2005 Carmine – Stainless steel. The Carmine grape is a vinifera mix, an interbreeding of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Carignan. It makes a dry, full bodied wine that is extremely food friendly. NEW RELEASE!  $17

1999 Carmine – Vintage year. Big and robust. NEW RELEASE!  $25

2002 Carmine Reserve- Aged in Minnesota oak.  $20

2004 Chambourcin – A dry, red French-American hybrid. Aged in Minnesota oak, it is smooth and easy drinking. Pair it with simple beef dishes. $15

2004 Pinot Noir – Aged in French oak, but Kentucky to its roots .$19

2004 Syrah – Excellent with lamb, beef, or anything from the grill. NEW RELEASE!  $19

NV Frankly Scarlet – Dry and lively. A real southern belle. NEW RELEASE!  $14

Dry White Wines

2002 Chardonnay – Unoaked, crisp, clean and fresh. Pair this with simple poultry, seafood and cream sauces.  $14

2002 Gewurztraminer – A unique, exotic, dry white with a distinctive flavor and aroma. On the menu at the Hilton Resort and Spa in Lake Tahoe, and on the wine list at Spiaggia in Chicago. The perfect companion to spicy ethnic dishes. Ambrosial with garlic laced foods.  $16

2005 Riesling – The epitome of Riesling in the traditional dry Alsatian style. The perfect match for Sushi. NEW RELEASE!  $15

2002 Traminette  $14

Semi-Sweet Wines

NV Rosette – A semi-sweet red with 3% residual sugar. Perfect for anyone who is not ready for a full-bodied red wine.  $12

NV Gala – Pleasant, light white semi-sweet picnic wine.  $14

Rosy Future – Off dry rose’!  $11

Sweet Fruit Wines

NV Strawberry – Sweet strawberry wine with 5% residual sugar. Produced from 100% Kentucky-grown strawberries.  $12

NV Blackberry – Sweet, Kentucky-grown fruit.  $15

Dry Sparkling Wines

Methode Champenoise RM Blanc de Blanc (Chardonnay)  $25

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  1. No problem. I haven’t tried any yet, but I do have a btolte of the 2008 Cave de Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet and the 2007 Altovinum Evodia Old Vines Garnacha that I need to drink though. Very excited to see how they are. Thanks again for the great recommendations.

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